The Department of Geology at the University of Duhok (UoD) represents interdisciplinary research and education institutions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). It intends and seeks to provide the highest levels of education through successive revision and development of educational and research programs according to the need of academic and both private and public sectors in KRI. This can be achieved by well-training academic and professional geologists competent in dealing with industrial, economic and societal requirements.

The Department of Geology intends to be nationally recognized through education and research programs in all fields related to the earth sciences. This can be achieved through a building bridges between the department and other public or private sectors which conduct any field of geology as a part of their services. Accordingly, we engage and motivate our community by creating and sharing geoscience knowledge to better understanding of the past, present and future world.


The Department of Geology has dedicated itself to provide excellent and outstanding teaching curriculum in geology following the national and international standards. The main fundamental aim of the department is to motivate the academic staff and students to develop their own learning interests and critical thinking to establish a learner-centred environment; in particular, teaching a wide range of geological courses. It also encourages them how to compile field and lab data and using them to deal with the academic and industrial areas; as well as, the needs of the society.

The Department of Geology is devoted to providing distinguished educational curricula in earth sciences and conducting high-standard research focusing on relevant national and international issues. Our primary goal is to graduate professional geologists who have the knowledge, skills and values required to meet the needs of society and the country.


The principal goals of the Department of Geology are:

  1. Provide the students with facilities, classrooms, and labs that are required to perform their assignments according to the international standards.
  2. Prepare both staff and students with professional teaching and training courses in order to achieve the needs of government, companies and industries.
  3. Develop a greater awareness of Earth Sciences in the general public through outreach programs.
  4. Educate the students to acquire more knowledge concerning their area of interests by providing training courses and workshops in collaboration with the local and international universities and industrial sectors.
  5. Strengthen the relationships with national governmental and private sectors through joint research works, training, courses, consultations, etc.


The department programs are designed to emphasize the applications of up-to-date understanding of the concepts, skills and creativity of Applied Geology and Petroleum Geology sciences. The Earlier includes study of geophysical methods, economic and industrial geology, environmental geology, and hydrogeology.