Academic Staff

                                        Amera ismail melhum
Amera ismail melhum
Assistant Professor
Computer Science

    •  M.Sc. Computer Science, 1992.   
    •  B.Sc. Computer Science, 1987.
    1.  Manaf A. Mahammed, Amera I. Melhum, Faris A. Kochery  ,Object Distance Measurement by Stereo vision, International Journal of Science and Applied Information Technology (IJSAIT), Vol.2 , No.2, Pages : 05-08  (2013).
    2. Amera I. Melhum  and Sozan A. Mahmood  ,Design Assembler Based on LEX and Yacc, Iraq journal of Science, University of Baghdad,  Baghdad, Iraq, Iraqi journal of science, 179 Vol.53, No.1, 2012, pp.179-185.
    3. Sozan A. M. and Amera I. M ,An Authentication system Using Finger Print minutia  Extraction And neural Network, Journal of Al-Nahrain University Vol.13 (4), December, 2010, pp.216-220.
    4. Amera I. Melhum ,Teaching compiler construction using assembly language and FLEX  & BISON, Journal of Dohuk University/October 2006, Dohuk, Iraq.
    5. Amera I. Melhum  and Sozan A. Mahmood , Parasitic Computer Viruses, First Scientific Conference of  Sulaimani University/2000, Iraq.
    6. Enhancing Search Command in MS_DOS, Third Scientific Conference of university of Salahaddin /1997, Dohuk, Iraq.
    7. Enhancing Delete command in MS_D0S ver.6.2, Journal of Dohuk University/1998, Dohuk, Iraq.
    8.  New two commands in Ms_Dos, Journal education and Science of Mosul Univrsity /1994, Mosul, Iraq.
    9. Programs hiding: A method for Dos copy protection, Scientific Conference of national Computer Center of Baghdad /1993, Baghdad, Iraq.

    • Neural Network
    • Machine Learning
    • Programming Languages
    • Compiler

    • Complier design
    • object oriented programming
    • operating system
    • c++ programming
    • python programming

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  • Conferences

    • Object Distance Measurement by Stereo Vision, International Conference on Computing, Technology and Engineering (ICCTE 2013) , Dubia, AUE.
    • Numerical Solution of Kawahara Equation Using Neural Network , FIRST INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE / UNIVERSITY OF ZAKHO April 23-25, 2013.
    • Neural network technique to estimate the solutions of Burgers-Huxley and Burgers-Fisher equations, 10th UAE MathDay Conference, April 14, 2012, American University of Sharjah.

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