Based on general vision that aspires to build an economy based on knowledge and innovation, the Department of Chemistry is dedicated to discovering, disseminating and applying chemical knowledge through research, education and public service.

    The bachelor's degree in versatile chemistry will provide a strong foundation for a wide range of exciting careers in industry, oil and hospitals laboratory, as well as education field. Chemistry graduates have found intellectually stimulating opportunities in governmental and the private sector.

    In order to improve the level of student and achieve development, quality and requirements of the labor market, the department is working to develop academic programs in the bachelor's degree and work on the development of the master's and doctoral programs in line with the next stage.

    We strive to maintain and strengthen our department as one of the most important research and teaching programs at the University. The Graduates also have an opportunity to study the Master and doctoral programs in versatile subspecialty in chemistry.

Research lines in the department:

Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical Chemistry polymer chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.