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                                        Dr. Hemin Esmael Othman
Dr. Hemin Esmael Othman ____________________________
Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology
  • 2017 Ph.D. in Biology/Molecular Biology, Split-Site Program, University of Duhok collaborated with the University of Manchester, UK.

    2008 MSc in Molecular Genetics, Department of Biology/ College of Science/ University of Koya collaborated with the University of Duhok.

    2004 BSc in Biology/ College of Science/ University of Salahaddin.

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    8. HE Othman and AH Hasan. (2011). Genetic Variation and Genetic Relationships among Staphylococcus aureus Isolates from Rizgary General Hospital by using RAPD-PCR. J. Koya University 18, p61-72.
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  • Molecular biology, Molecular Diagnostics, Genetic Engineering, Epigenetics, Biotechnology, Medical bacteriology, and Cancer research.

    • Three years of postgraduate (MSc & PhD) lectureship teaching experiences; including Advanced Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Nanotechnology, and Growth and Development, at Department of Biology/ College of Science/ University of Duhok, from 2019 until present.
    • Six years of lectureship teaching, experiences; including Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Cell biology, at Department of Biology as well as research experiences at Research Center/ College of Science/ University of Koya.
    • Twelve years of lectureship teaching of undergraduate students including; Molecular Biology, Genetics, Zoology, Botany, Food Microbiology, and research experiences at Department of Biology and Scientific Research Center/ College of Science/ University of Duhok, from 2010 until present.
    • Four years of lectureship teaching experiences (BSc & MSc); including Molecular Diagnostics, Human Genetics, Medical bacteriology, and Advanced Molecular Diagnostics, at the College of Health and Medical Techniques Shekhan/ Duhok Polytechnique University.
    • Three years of research experiences at the faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) at the University of Manchester within UK in collaboration Split-site research program between University of Duhok and University of Manchester, UK as part of my PhD study under the supervision of Professor Dr. Ian S. Roberts.
    • Professional experiences in different Molecular biology techniques; including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Real Time PCR, MLST, DLST, Gene cloning and Recombinant DNA Technologies, DNA Sequencing, as well as Bioinformatics and DNA Sequence Data analyses and interpretations.

    • PhD Supervision: Department of Biology/College of Science/University of Sulaimani (Comparison of different molecular methods for genotyping of MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from patients in Sulaimani Hospitals).
    • MSc Supervision: Department of Biology/College of Science/University of Duhok (Molecular Identification and Genotypic characterization of the Superbug Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in different clinical infections).
    • MSc Supervision: Department of Biology/College of Science/University of Duhok (Molecular identification, Phylogeny, and Prevalence of Burkholderia cepacia complex strains in the Respiratory Tract of Hospitalized Patients).

    • The 2nd Kurdistan conference on biology science, University of Duhok 6th-8th May 2008.
    • Basic molecular biology technique by Scientific Research Center, University of Duhok, October 2008.
    • The 3rd Kurdistan conference on biological science, University of Duhok 6th-8th May 2010.
    • Teaching Methodologies and skills Training Course, University of Koya, 1st Nov. 2009 to 17th Feb. 2010.
    • 1st Zakho International Scientific Conference, University of Zakho, 2014.
    • 2nd International Scientific Conference for Kurdistan Students, University of Nottingham /UK, 15th-17tj Sep. 2014.
    • Academic English Language Training Course, University of Manchester/ UK, 15th Sep. to 16th Dec. 2014.
    • Faculty Research Symposium, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester /UK, 2015.
    • The 5th Kurdistan International Conference on Science and Technology, College of Science, University of Duhok, 24th – 25th Apr. 2019.
    • Workshop on: School of Doctorate at University of Agricultural Sciences & Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca CUASVM/ Romania study opportunities. College of Science/ University of Duhok, 21st Apr. 2019.
    • Workshop on: The Future of Education and Technology: The Contribution of Online Labs and Virtual Reality, Cultural Center-University of Duhok 24th April 2019.
    • International workshop on: Essentials in Research, Literature Reviews and Successful Publication, United Iraqi association UK & Ireland (UIMA), 12th Mar. 2021.
    • International workshop on: National Information Infrastructure Road Map: libraries, museums, and research centres networks, The Nahrein Network (a collaborative international project funded by the UK Arts and humanities research council), 31st Mar. 2021.
    • International workshop on: University campus as regional powerhouse, The Nahrein Network (a collaborative international project funded by the UK Arts and humanities research council), 31st Mar. 2021.
    • International Conference on: World Zoonosis Day, University of Baghdad, 3rd Aug. 2021.
    • Workshop on Biology Research Laboratories: Facilities and Applications. Organized by Biology Department/ College of Science /University of Duhok on 31st Mar. 2022.
    • International workshop on: Impact of Food Borne Diseases on Public Health, organized by the department of Medical Laboratory Science at Knowledge University on 24th Feb. 2022.
    • The 2nd International Conference of Computer Science and Software Engineering (2022 CSASE), 15th – 17th Mar. 2022.

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