Medicinal Chemistry
Jan. 8, 2020, 12:34 a.m.

University of Duhok-College of Pharmacy

  • Medicinal Chemistry:

Medicinal Chemistry is a dynamic, multifaceted scientific discipline that is dedicated to the improvement of human health through research leading to new concepts for the design and development of safe and effective therapeutic, diagnostic, and environmental agents. This field of science deals with the discovery, design, development and both pharmacological and analytical characterization of drug substances. Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry links many scientific disciplines allowing collaboration with scientists from different fields in researching and developing new drugs. Research in medicinal chemistry encompasses a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary activities, including possible interactions between drugs, metabolites and toxic substances with biological systems, as well as the structure activity relationship and the dynamics leading to the biological effect and function of a compound.

Medicinal chemists are indispensable in the preclinical stages of drug development, and again as pharmaceutical chemists in drug quality control. They improve the processes by which existing pharmaceuticals are made, also are focused on drug discovery and development. Medicinal chemists are concerned with the isolation of medicinal agents found in plants, as well as the creation of new synthetic drug compounds covering multiple diseases. 

Pharmacists by studying medicinal chemistry are expected to have skills for chemistry of organic synthesis including purification and identification of products, analytical instrumentation skills applied for identification of compounds, a broad understanding of biology and biological functions, besides the ability to understand the drugs mechanisms of action. 

  • Department of Medicinal Chemistry:

The Medicinal Chemistry department is a Department at College of Pharmacy-Duhok University. It was established in 2009. It is a specific Department which represent the link between both Chemical and Biological Disciplines to serve Medical Sector.

Currently, the Department is composed of a diverse group of college members. The lecturers present different specialties such as Analytical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, English, Kurdology and Computer Science. They are now responsible for Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate Programs in the College of Pharmacy.

Research programs of the Department cover an unusually broad range of scientific interests, including the design and synthesis of new medicinal agents, the development of new concepts for the design of selectively acting ligands, improvement of existing drugs by molecular modification, study of drug metabolism and its relation to biological problems.

 During the first year in the College, the students have two courses,   Analytical and Organic Chemistry. During the second year, the students concentrate on Organic Chemistry. Thereafter in the third year, the major courses are Basic Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry.  More courses in Medicinal Chemistry are given in the fourth year of the College. Finally, in the fifth year and before the graduation, the chemistry courses focus on Clinical Biochemistry and Advanced Instrumental Analysis.

The Department is also very research active and has thriving research program in the following areas: 

  • Organic synthesis of new drugs and study the structure- activity relationship.
  • Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of metal-based anti-cancer agents.
  • Nutrition and health
  • Oxidative stress and lifestyle
  • Drug discover using plants and traditional medication in Kurdistan Region
  • Plants, Drugs and mechanisms interfering in the CNS.

Dr. Saud Al-Kass.. Head of the Department of M. Chemistry

Head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Assistant Professor: Dr. Suad Al-Kass


  • Mission:

The mission of the Department is:

 Discover and design  of new drugs from natural sources to be used in Medicinal Chemistry practice and improvement health care in the region.

Serving the community around the University by offering Pharmaceutical Assistance, workshops, seminars, and training courses.  

Practice in Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Laboratory through laboratory training in the hospitals to improve understanding of diseases.

Medicinal Chemistry Department aims to develop educational, research and service activities through training courses, workshops, conferences and publications worldwide 

raise the level of research in the field of design and analysis of drugs.

  • Vision:

Prepare the students to become skilled and competent in all topics covered by the Department, including analytical, organic and clinical biochemistry as well as instrumental analysis and quality control, in addition to those subjects essential for medicinal chemistry, drug design, and their development.

  • Goals:

The goals of medicinal chemistry Department are:

  • To provide our society with a professional pharmacist.
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Testing potential new bio-active compounds in vitro and in vivo