Seminars of 18/5/2022
May 17, 2022, 10:25 p.m.

Seminar 1:


Applicant's name: Israa Issa Hassan

Title of the Seminar: Green Chemistry

 Objectives or Summary: To provide information about  Green chemistry, its advantages and applications

 Place of the Seminar: college of nursing

 Start Date: 18\5\2022                        Time/ 10:00am


 Seminar 2:


Applicant's name:  Safiya Sabri Piro

Dilkhosh Shamal Ramadhan

Title of the Seminar: COVID-19 vaccine acceptance, hesitancy and refusal among the Iraqi Kurdish population

 Objectives or Summary :

 Vaccination is one of the most significant public health achievements of humanity. However, a significant portion of the population remains hesitant about vaccine safety, efficacy, and necessity. This study aimed to determine COVID-19 vaccination intention and factors affecting their decision among the general population in the Kurdistan region.

 Place of the Seminar: Seminar Hall / College of Nursing

 Start Date: 18/5/2022        Time/ 11:00am


 Seminar 3:


 Applicant's name: Mustafa Riadh Hussein

 Title of the Seminar: Bioremediation

 Objectives or Summary: To provide feedback about the advantages of Bioremediation techniques.

 Place of the Seminar: Collage of Nursing/ hall of Seminar

 Start Date: 18/5/2022          Time/ 12:00pm