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                                        Laween Omer Musa
Laween Omer Musa Member of teaching staff
Orthopedics Surgery
  • 2014 Phd in orthopedic surgery, Iraqi council of medical specialities . Iraq
    2005 in medicine , college of medicine, university of Duhok . Iraq

  • 1-Short-term comparison between resection and preservation of the infrapatellar pad of fat in patients undergoing primary total knee replacement

    Wisam Khalid Fayyadh1, Las Hwaizi2, Laween Omer Musa3
    1 Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Duhok, Duhok, Iraq
    2 Department of Surgery, Kurdistan Board of Medical Sciences (KBMS), Erbil, Iraq
    3 College of Medicine, Duhok Center of Orthopedic Branch of Kurdistan Board of Medical Sciences, University of Duhok, Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

    Date of Submission 09-May-2021
    Date of Acceptance 07-Jul-2021
    Date of Web Publication 18-Dec-2021
    Medical journal of Babylon year 2021 Vol :18 issue :4 page : 316-321
    2- An Upgrade of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute Classification for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
    Jagar Doski 1, Laween Mosa 1, Qaidar Hassawi 1
    Clinical orthopedic Journal 2022 March

  • Knee surgery

  • Surgery for 6th year students
    Orthopedics surgery for 5th year students
    MSK block for the 4th year students
    MSK module for 2nd year students

  • 1- Name of student: Ahmad abdulla basheer
    Thesis name : Percutaneous versus open release of trigger digit
    PHD Thesis 2021
    2- Name of student : Short term complications of elastic stable nailing for pediatric diaphyseal fractures
    PHD thesis 2022

  • Conferences and workshops As delegate :
    1-International trauma conference Dubai Feb 2022
    2-Hip arthroplasty revision course Istanbul Aug 2022
    3-Ranawat orthopedic conference India Jan 2023
    4- Shoulder arthroscopy workshop Dubai Feb 2023
    Workshops as speaker
    1- Duhok musculoskeletal symposium Duhok Sep 2022
    2- Club foot workshop Duhok Oct 2022
    3- Large group teaching workshop Duhok Feb 2023

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