Anatomy, Biology and Histology

About the Department

Anatomy subjects study had been given with the establishment of college of Medicine / Duhok University which had been started on the 31 st, of October 1992. With the beginning of the studying year (1992-1993), it started receiving the students Course titles studied in the department of anatomy are:


  1. Gross anatomy studied for first and second year in lecture and laboratory.
  2. Medical biology studied for first year in lecture and laboratory.
  3. Histology studied for first and second year in lecture and laboratory.
  4. Embryology studied for second class in lecture.


Modification in the Studies Items:

Improvement and development of the syllabus is being undertaken progressively through the Health Care Partnership (HCP). Some taught items have been modified or changed with regard to requirements or convenience to the studies in anatomy. Gradual changes to improve and develop the curriculum with assistance offered by the American university; University of East Tennessee, USA. This has already begun with Anatomy through the exchange of expertise and curriculum approaches, with particular concern regarding the practical aspects. In addition, it is intended that the approach to practical teaching be developed according to principles followed by this university. Thus, the anatomy department has changed its marking system for the Anatomy items as in the academic year 2003-2004, practical aspects of the course now carry 60% of the marks while theory has been allocated the other 40%.



To introduce the concept of clinical orientation in teaching students basic sciences in the department.


Our department is concerned with the teaching and training of the first and second year undergraduate medical students. The department is also responsible for conducting postgraduate studies to provide a well-trained academic staff of physicians, histologists and biologists.

Our staffs are specialized physicians and biologists who are trying their best for training skills according to the required curriculum and aiming to introduce the pivot of clinical orientation to all activities in the department. We are also conducting innovative multidisciplinary researches by adopting the new advances in the field of all units of the department. The department is also having a good connection with other departments for inter correlation of subjects in clinical training. In addition we provide service and support for professional activities with other colleges in Kurdistan region.


The Department aims to meet the following objectives:

a.      Training student to Identify and locate all the structures of the body according to their future clinical needs.

b.      Providing skills of how the various organs of the body interact with one another and how they contribute to the overall biology of the body.

c.      Examines the structure of human cells, tissues and organ systems at the light microscopic levels.

d.      The way the body is constructed from the cellular to the organ levels and how different tissue types contribute and interact in the body are key themes of the course.

e.      Directing researches to solve current problems.

f.       Updating undergraduate and post graduate curriculum to achieve the vision of the department.