College of Engineering

Research Group Publishes a Research on Using Waste Material in Concrete Production
Dec. 16, 2021, 6:46 p.m.

In October 2021, a research group with 4 members in the Department of Civil Engineering - College of Engineering - UoD have published a paper on using waste materials in concrete production, in the Journal of Cleaner Production with an impact factor higher than 9.

The paper titled "Engineering properties of sustainable green concrete incorporating eco-friendly aggregate of crumb rubber: A review" reviews the published research on the performance of concrete containing crumb rubber as eco-friendly aggregates. Moreover, it highlights the impact in terms of aggregate substitution content, form, size, and waste treatment on the fresh and mechanical properties of crumb rubber concrete (CRC). The paper also aims to update the database for further experimental and numerical research on rubberized concrete.

Shaker M.A. Qaidi, Youkhanna Zayia Dinkha, James H. Haido, Msheer Hasan Ali, Bassam A. Tayeh