College of Engineering

Pedestrian Crosswalks urban planning on Streets of Malta and KRO street
Oct. 10, 2023, 10:53 a.m.


As you might heard from the news, there was an increase in pedestrian fatalities and hazard accidents on Malta and KRO streets in the past 3 weeks and all of Duhok City is affected by it. One of the reasons is the absence of crosswalks and pedestrian necessary facilities on the streets. I wonder if we could hold a workshop inviting affiliated engineers and experts and propose an urban solution for both streets by redesigning them to international standard. I attached an editable file to modify. If you approve, I will invite the key facilitators on Sunday and hold the workshop on Tuesday (time 9:10 a.m.) to tackle the problem.


In response to the alarming rise in pedestrian accidents and fatalities in recent weeks, the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Duhok is organizing a crucial workshop dedicated to tackling the crosswalk issues on Malta and KRO Streets.

Workshop Overview:

The safety of pedestrians is of paramount concern, and this workshop aims to bring together a diverse range of experts, including academics and government officials, to collectively address and resolve the pressing challenges faced by pedestrians in these areas.

Key Objectives:

Problem Identification: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing crosswalk issues on Malta and KRO Streets through data analysis and expert insights.

Solution Proposals: Collaborate with experts to develop innovative solutions that enhance pedestrian safety, accessibility, and convenience.

Urban Planning and Design: Explore urban planning and architectural design strategies to create safer and more pedestrian-friendly environments.

Government Collaboration: Establish channels for effective collaboration between academia and government authorities to implement proposed solutions.

Expected Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

● Identified the key challenges affecting pedestrian safety on Malta and KRO Streets.

● Generated innovative and sustainable solutions to address these challenges.

● Formulated urban planning and design recommendations to enhance crosswalks.

● Established a foundation for future collaboration between academia and government entities.

Who Should Attend:

● Academics and researchers specializing in urban planning, transportation, and architecture.

● Government officials and policymakers are responsible for urban development and road safety.

● Transportation and traffic management professionals.

● Students and enthusiasts interested in promoting pedestrian safety and sustainable urban planning.


Participation in this workshop is open to all interested individuals. Please stay tuned for registration details and further information on how you can contribute to making our streets safer for pedestrians.

Together, we can pave the way towards safer streets and a more pedestrian-friendly future for our community. Join us in this important initiative to make a difference and save lives.