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                                        Haval Kamal Asker
Haval Kamal Asker
Mechanical Engineering, Dynamics, Applied Mechanics, Vibrations and Damping
    • Ph.D., Vibrations and Damping techniques, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2017
    • M.Sc., Applied Mechanics and Dynamics, Baghdad University, 2002
    • B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering., Al-Mustansiriya University, 1999
    1. Stress analysis of standard truck chassis during Ramping on block using finite element method, HK Asker, TS Dawood, AF Said - ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2012.
    2. Comparison of the mechanical properties of different models of automotive engine mounting, HK Asker - J. Engg. and Applied Scis, 2013.
    3. Optimization of vertical disc plow performance under dry farming condition, H M. A. Hussein, H Asker, T S. Dawood, Journal of University of Duhok 17 (1), 103-107, 2014
    4. Stiffness and loss factor of unbonded, multi-strand beams under flexural deformation, H Asker, J Rongong, C Lord, International Conference on Engineering Vibration 2015 11, 1518-1529, 2015
    5. Mathematical and numerical evaluation of the damping behaviour for a multi-strand bar, H Asker, J Rongong, C Lord, 6th European Conference on Structural Control-EACS 2016 6 (202), 1-10, 2016
    6. Dynamic properties of unbonded, multi-strand beams subjected to flexural loading, HK Asker, JA Rongong, CE Lord, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 101, 168-181, 2018
    7. On The Dynamic Behaviour of Automobile Pulleys Under Cyclic Loading, HK Asker, TS Dawood Karbala International Journal of Modern Science 6 (2), 195-205, 2020

    • Vibrations
    • Dynamics
    • Damping

    • Dynamics
    • Survey
    • Vibrations
    • Metallurgy
    • Theory of Machines
    • Ansys
    • Solid Mechanics
    • Matlab

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