Academic Staff

                                        Namiq Sultan Abdullah
Namiq Sultan Abdullah None
Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering - Software and Microprocessors
    • M.Sc. study, University of Technology, Department of Control and Systems, Baghdad, 1990-1992; obtained degree: MSc in Computer Engineering, IRAQ
    • B.Sc. study, University of Mosul, College of Engineering, 1975-1979; obtained degree: BSc in Electronics and Communication Engineering, IRAQ
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    6. Extreme Learning Machines: A new approach for prediction of reference evapotranspiration, Journal of Hydrology 527 (2015) 184–195.
    7. A Abdulazeez, N Abdullah,   2002, Neural Digital-To-Analog Converter (Neuro-Dac), Journal of Duhok University 5 (2), 49-51
    8. Abdullah, N., 2018. Transfer-based Arabic to English Noun Sentence Translation Using Shallow Segmentation. International Arab Journal of Information Technology, 15(5), pp.889-893.
    9. Abdullah, N.S., 2018. Arabic-English Translator of Specific Noun Phrase with Transfer-based Approach. Journal of Duhok University, 21(1), pp.115-120. 

  • Natural Language Processing, Computer Graphics, Microprocessors

    • Analog Electronics
    • Logic Circuits Design
    • Microprocessors and assembly languages (8085, Z80, 8086)
    • Computer Architecture and Organization 
    • Computer Interfacing and Peripherals
    • Computer Graphics (with OpenGL programming )
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Programming Languages (Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic)
    • Data Structures
    • Numerical Analysis


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