Academic Staff

                                        Mohammed Ahmed Shakir
Mohammed Ahmed Shakir
Assistant Professor
Computer Engineering - Signal processing
    • Ph.D. study in the Department of computer Engineering, College of Engineering,The University of Mosul, Iraq./ 2003-2007
    • M.Sc. study in the Department of electronic and communication Engineering, College of Engineering, The University of Mosul, Iraq / 1998-2000.
    • B.Sc. study in the Department of Electrical Eng., College of Engineering, The University of Mosul, Iraq / 1993-1997.
    1. Fixed frequency assignment in cellular mobile systems. ICEEE-2000. International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mosul-Iraq, November 2000.
    2. Dynamic Channel Allocation in Cellular Systems. Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal -university of Mosul. Vol 11, No. 2, 2003.
    3. Speech Enhancement Using Non-overlapped Segmentation  and Compressive Sensing, Journal of University of Duhok, Vol. 19, No.1 (Pure and Eng. Sciences), Pp 270-279, 2016
    4. Compressive Sensing Based Signal Recovery With Different Transforms, journal of university of Duhok, JDU Vol 20 No. 1 (Pure and Eng. Sciences), Pp 129-141,  2017.
    5. Digital Modulation Recognition in Noisy Environment Using a Learning Machine, 

    • Digital signal processing
    • Image processing
    • Compressive Sensing
    • Wireless Communication

    • Teaching undergraduate courses in Eng. mathematics, signal processing, Communication principles, computer programming, Data structures and computer algorithms, mobile communication.
    • Teaching M.Sc. courses in digital signal processing, wireless communication systems.

    • Supervision of undergraduate student’s graduation projects.
    • Supervision of 4 M.Sc. students.


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