B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

About the Program

Program Summary

This program offers courses which are balanced between electrical engineering and computer engineering disciplines. The combination of these courses is of significant importance as computers and electrical technology are merged in many related fields. This is, especially, clear in the communication, electronics and computer industries. The industry needs an engineer who is able to cope with both software and hardware,for this reason the courses combines the more practical half of the computer engineering courses as proposed by IEEE computer society task force in late 2004. The other half is drawn from the electrical and electronic engineering courses as they are taught by many international academic institutions. The courses consist of lectures and practical work involving sets of experiments and project tasks. 

The department is concerned with introducing the students to various steps of development of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The study system begins in mid-September every academic year according to the University calendar and it concludes by the end of June. During the full term, students must sit seasonal exams and final test in every class. The department provides opportunities for students in multi-disciplinary research and study based on major disciplines to broaden their understanding of production. 

The Electrical and Computer Engineering program prepares students to meet high respective standards and allows our students to continue expanding and updating their knowledge to adapt to changes in technology.