Teaching Clinics
Oct. 20, 2016, 10:06 a.m.

Teaching dental hospital 

We were delighted to open dental teaching centre in November 2012 for the first time in Duhok, it is a part of the educational programs for the college of Dentistry which is designed specifically to develop and improve dental students’ clinical skills. 

The hospital consists of five main clinics with 69 fully functioning dental chairs, x-rays room, labs and other facilities which are fully equipped to meet both teaching and treatment requirements. The centre located in Nakhushkhana Street just down the Azadi hospital road. 

The centre provides the highest standard of dental care at very competitive prices in a professional, relaxed and understanding environment. Students work and care for patients under close supervision by specialists and experienced faculty dentists.

We are pleased to offer various dental treatments to the patients and this can be achieved by promoting students competence relying on the scientific principles of clinical work.


two new clinics were open for the Dental Faculty/Duhok university in 10/10/2016 ,the two clinics are consisted of:  first Clinic: (10) Dental chairs for treatment and Prevention, orthodontic and Pedodontic.  The second clinic: (15) dental chairs for Conservative Dentistry.  On behalf of the deanship of the Faculty of dentistry I would like to thanks to those who support us and ensure these devices especially: Governor of Dohuk Mr.Farhad Amin atroshi,

Duhok health Director Dr.Nizar Ismet ,the president of Duhok university Dr.Mosleh Duhoki,and the director of GIZ organization.I thank all who honor us with their presence of government, Partisan actors,academic and administrative agencies.And asking God to be able through these clinics to serve our students and residents of Dohuk Governorate through the provision of health services and oral health.