About us
Sept. 25, 2021, 12:36 a.m.

The UoD College of Dentistry has been running five years undergraduate programme established in November 2008, the graduate will be awarded B.D.S degree. After which the graduate must undergo one compulsory calendar year under supervision in a specialized centres of ministry of health in the following branches: conservative dentistry, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontology, oral diagnosis, paediatric, preventive and orthodontic dentistry.

If there is a word that explains  UoD College  of Dentistry’s educational focus and mission, it is integrity, the College dedicates itself to the service of the community, country,  by adherence to academic freedom, progressive instruction, can creativity.

The UoD College of Dentistry’s mission is to partner with students in achieving academic excellence, providing the best oral health care, and engaging in research, scholarship, and creative endeavours to improve the health of the community in Duhok City and around Kurdistan Region

Our vision is to be an institute of regional excellence in the production and use of dental knowledge and to improve the oral and overall health of the public in Kurdistan region through increased access to high quality dental care.

We are enthusiastically committed to excellent, innovative, comprehensive education of students and whole person care of our patients.

Our vision is empowered through an enabling environment that honours the dignity, diversity, and worth of every one.

Core Values


  • Professionalism through commitment to high quality service, precision, and mastery of work.
  • Team Work by working with the soul of an integrated team for achieving a common vision.
  • Responsibility: Accountability for all decisions before officials and beneficiaries.
  • Progressive excellence and lifelong learning through continuous efforts to building own skills and education regardless of age.
  • Justice, respect for the individual, and fairness through giving people what they deserve.
  • Discipline and commitment to service
  • Analytic thinking
  • Effective communication and relationships are achieved through principled spirituality, transparency and honesty.


Teaching dental clinics


We were delighted to open our dental teaching centre in November 2012 for the first time in Duhok, it is a part of the educational programs for the College of Dentistry which is designed specifically to develop and improve dental students’ clinical skills.

   The new building consists of three main halls with fully functioning dental chairs, x-rays rooms, labs and other facilities which are fully equipped to meet both teaching and treatment requirements. The centre located inside the College campus, just down the Azadi hospital road.

On October, 29th ,2013 a new clinics has   been built and fully equipped with dental  equipments .The centre provides the highest standard of dental care at very competitive prices in a professional, relaxed and understanding environment. Students work and care for patients under close supervision by specialists and experienced faculty dentists.

We are pleased to offer to the patients and this can be achieved by promoting students competence relying on the scientific principles of clinical work.