Duhok Province University Herbarium (DPUH)

Scope for the Herbarium

Duhok Province University Herbarium (DPUH) was Established in 2003 at the College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok, and serves as a repository for the diverse flora of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. With a primary focus on vascular plants, the herbarium endeavors to document, preserve, and study the rich botanical heritage of the region. The herbarium provides help to anyone seeking to study Kurdistan region flora.


  1. Documenting Biodiversity: The herbarium aims to systematically document the vascular plant species found in the Kurdistan Region, including their taxonomy, distribution, and ecological significance.
  2. Conservation: By maintaining a comprehensive collection of plant specimens, the herbarium contributes to the conservation of biodiversity in the region, especially for species facing threats or endangerment.
  3. Research: Facilitating botanical research, the herbarium provides resources for studies on plant ecology, evolution, biogeography, and ethnobotany relevant to the Kurdistan Region.
  4. Education: The herbarium serves as an educational resource for students, researchers, and the public, fostering awareness and appreciation of the region's botanical diversity.


The herbarium houses a growing collection of pressed and dried vascular plant specimens, meticulously curated and organized according to taxonomic principles. Specimens are sourced from field expeditions, research projects, and contributions from botanists and enthusiasts across the Kurdistan Region. Emphasis is placed on accurately labeling and cataloging each specimen to ensure scientific integrity and accessibility. Now, the herbarium contains 4228 specimens of various vascular plant families.

Research Areas:

Research conducted at the herbarium covers a wide range of botanical disciplines, including:

  1. Taxonomy and Systematics
  2. Floristics and Biogeography
  3. Plant Ecology and Conservation
  4. Ethnobotany and Traditional Knowledge


The herbarium actively engages with the local community through workshops, seminars, and exhibitions to promote botanical awareness and conservation. Collaborations with governmental agencies, NGOs, and international institutions facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity-building initiatives aimed at safeguarding the botanical heritage of the Kurdistan Region.


  1. Flora Iranica
  2. Flora of Europaea
  3. Flora of Iraq
  4. Flora of Lowland Iraq
  5. Flora of Syria, Palestine and Sinai
  6. Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands
  7. Illustrated Flora of Bikhair Mountain Track
  8. Medicinal Plants of Kurdistan-Iraq
  9. Parasitic Weeds of the World
  10. Poisonous Plants of Iraq
  11. Endangered Plants of Kurdistan
  12. Ferhenga Navên Nebatan a Kurdî
  13. Tree and shrub of Kurdistan Region and Iraq
  14. Trees and Shrubs, a field guide to the trees and shrubs of Kurdistan region-Iraq
  15. Weeds Flora of Kuwait
  16. Weeds in Iraq
  17. Wild Orchids of the Kurdistan Region areas
  18. أطلس النباتات الطبية والعطرية في الوطن العربي