About us
Jan. 25, 2023, 11:46 p.m.

About the College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences

The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences was established in 1992, with the establishment of the University of Duhok, due to the demand for professionals in different fields of agriculture who can participate in building and developing the agricultural sector in the Kurdistan Region. It represents one of the leading scientific institutions in the Duhok region. Graduates of the college acquire sophisticated and pragmatic knowledge and gain the necessary skills to be qualified as professionals in this field, the college has a unique research program that connects theoretical knowledge with practical methods in applied agriculture and research. An area of 100 acres, 15 km west of Duhok, was designated for agricultural research purposes. This allocated land is irrigated by local springs for growing rice, tomatoes, sesame, and other crops. Now, there are a hundred acres of agricultural land with two artesian wells for growing grains, legumes, and other summer and winter crops. In addition, there is an orchard of fruit trees that is irrigated by a spray system.  The college also possesses two air-conditioned greenhouses, several plastic houses; two well-equipped plant tissue culture laboratories, two lath houses, an apiary field, and fields where poultry, sheep, fish, and cows are raised. The college established a main plant nursery and cultivated two more orchards one for olive trees and the other for apricot, peach, and pear trees. 

The college of Agricultural Engineering Sciences has a collaborative agreement with the following ministries, organizations, and companies:

  • Ministry of the Agriculture and water resources
  • Plat independent breeders’ plantation
  • Nuffic (Dutch organization for internationalization in education>
  • CABI international organization in the UK.
  • GIZ German development agency.
  • HZPC Holland
  • Kurdistan-holland company.
  • Kartopa company.

Currently, the College has around 1180 undergraduate students and 346 academic staff members. The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences has a total of 38 research laboratories and a library that contains over 8500 science and reference books on agriculture.


The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences seeks to provide the most updated technological information in the field to meet the needs of the local economy and local job market and to provide the region with specialized agricultural staff who will contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of the region. The college provides consultation for various aspects of agricultural practices – plant diseases, insects and insecticides, diagnosis and control, fertilizer application, and field management.  

The college offers a 4-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) program in the following specializations: Horticulture, Forestry, Animal Production, Plant Protection, Soil Sciences, Ecotourism, Agriculture Extension, and Field Crops. The college also offers Master's in Science (M.Sc.) and Ph.D. degrees in Soil Science, Plant Tissue Culture; plant Physiology, Vegetable Production, Green fruit Production, Wood Science, Forest Industries, Forest Management, Nutrition, Reproduction, Plant Protection, Breeding and Genetics, Meats, and Management Systems.

The College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences consists of the following departments:

  1. Horticulture
  2. Forestry
  3. Animal Production
  4. Plant Protection
  5. Soil & Water Sciences
  6. Recreation and Ecotourism
  7. Agricultural Extension & Rural Development
  8. Field Crops