About us
July 2, 2019, 11:32 p.m.

The College of Agriculture was one of the two colleges instated when the University of Duhok was initiated in 1992, over an area of 100 acres (160 donums), 15 km west of Duhok designated for agricultural research purposes. This allocated land is irrigated by local springs for growing rice, tomatoes, sesame, and other crops. Now, there is about a hundred acres of agricultural land with two artesian wells for growing grains, legumes, and other summer and winter crops. 

In addition, there is an orchard of olive and almond trees that is irrigated by a spray system. The College also possesses two air conditioned greenhouses, several plastic houses; a well equipped plant tissue culture laboratory, two lath houses, an apiary field, and fields where poultry, sheep, fish and cows are raised.

The College established a main plant nursery and cultivated two more orchards – one for olive trees and the other for apricot, peach, and pear trees. Further more the College has several Forestry establishments like forest-tree nursery, metrology station, botanic garden, etc. College of agriculture represents one of the leading scientific institutions in Duhok region. The College has a unique study program which collaborate theoretical knowledge with the practical methods in applied agriculture and research fields. Graduates of our College acquire sophisticated and pragmatic knowledge and gain necessary skills to be a qualified professional in this field.

The program of this College is relating the most updated technological information in the field with the needs of the local economy and local job market.

The College seeks to provide the region with specialized agricultural staff who will contribute to the development of the agricultural sector of the region.  The College provides consultation for various aspects of agricultural practices – plant diseases, insects and insecticides, diagnosis and control, fertilizer application, and field management. The practical activities including vegetable, fruits and ornamental farm and nurseries, forest nursery, apiary, animal production project, etc. are centrally managed by the unit of farms and projects. 

 College Degree Certification

The College offers a B.Sc. according to specialization for undergraduate study in the fields of Horticulture, Forestry, Animal Production, Plant Protection and Soil Sciences. The College offers M.Sc. and PhD. in Soil Science, Plant Tissue Culture, plant Physiology, Vegetable Production, Green fruit Production, Wood Science, Forest Industries, Forest Management, Nutrition, Reproduction, Plant Protection Breeding and Genetics, Meats, and Management Systems. 

Scientific Activities

The College has worked with certain national universities inside Iraq as well as with other international universities to find ways for students to attend their courses or participate in research.  A collaborative agreement with the University of Hawaii, USA and Aleppo University, Syria has allowed some University of Duhok students to work on research and analysis abroad.  Other collaborations include work-shops at the University of Jordan and the American University of Beirut.