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                                        Dr. Hozan Hasan Mohammed
Dr. Hozan Hasan Mohammed Member of College Board / Representative of Teaching Staff / Teaching Staff
Criminal Law
  • PhD in Public Law

  • 1- The medical staff scope of responsibility for the serious side effects of vaccines
    A comparative study in the light of the Iraqi law No.9 dated 2021 of the provision and use of Covid-19 vaccines
    2- Partner Monitoring Crime Scene Remotely by Using Monitoring Cameras – Comparative Study in the Light of Articles 48/3 and 49 of Iraqi Penal Code
    3- The efficacy of the relation between the offender and victim on mitigation of the sentence
    4- The role of the victim in justifying the crime

  • public law

  • I have 16 years of teaching service and have taught the following subjects:
    1- Explanation of the Code of Criminal Procedure
    2- Principles of criminal investigation
    3- Penal Code - Special Section
    4- Penal Code - General Section
    5- Juvenile Welfare Law
    6- Criminology and Punishment
    7- Labor and Social Security Law
    8- Human rights and civil society

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