Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Ary Arif Abdulaziz
Dr. Ary Arif Abdulaziz Director of Legal Clinit Unit at College of Law
Assistant Professor
Public law / Penal Code Special Section
  • PhD in Public Law

  • - The role of electronic means in the crime of money laundering, Published in Duhok University Journal in 2010-
    -The Administrative Court in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in the light of Law No. (24) of 2008. Published in Duhok University Journal in 2010
    -The crime of breaking encrypted channels. Published in the journal of Nawroz University in 2016
    -The Administrative authorities competent to impose general administrative penalties in Iraqi legislation.

    -Criminal Liability for Dumping Wastes A study in the Iraqi legislative .
    -- Legal Gaps in the Prohibition of Human Trafficking between International Agreements and Iraqi Laws. Accepted for publication by Nowruz University Journal

  • Public law:

    • Criminal law
    • Administrative law
    • constitutional law

  • 17 years

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