Year Three


Modern History of Europe
Course Code : MHE03
Units : 2
Lecturer : Sipan Saeed Sharo Mahmada

Description :

Course overview:

This module introduces students to the major developments in early modern European history, which resulted from social, economic, political and cultural changes that took place between c.1500 and 1945. Students will examine the tensions produced by warfare, religious conflict, the changing relationship between rulers, subjects and political elites, development of trade, and the discovery of the ‘New World’. Furthermore, the module will concentrate on the first half of 20th century and specifically the tensions that produced The two world wars and the changing relationship between states, and how this led to divide the world into two forces began the Cold War between the United States and its allies against the Soviet Union.


Course objective:

This module provides students with the broad historical framework necessary to interpret the major social, economic and cultural trends that characterise European history from c.1500 to 1945. This crucially important period witnessed Europe split by the religious differences of the Reformation, shaken by local rebellions and uprisings, transformed by the discovery of the ‘New World’, and affected by destructive and costly wars that spread across the continent. Throughout, students will be encouraged to deal critically with broader historiographical debates on these issues.