Presidents of Duhok University: UoD must demonstrate a leading role in the projects and planning of the Duhok Governorate
March 6, 2022, 9:21 a.m.

Attended by the Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi, UoD President and a number academic staff, specialists and students of the College of Engineering and the College of Planning, the University of Duhok organized a workshop in the Khalafe Zebari Hall titled “Tall Buildings in Duhok: Impact on Society, Aesthetic and Chronic Aspects” In the workshop, it was explained that Duhok City has been taking a prominent position in terms of the increase in the number of skyscrapers, both commercial and residential. 

In his word, Dr. Atrushi pointed out to the phenomenon of building towers in Dihok: “Building towers in Duhok is a new phenomenon and, hence, UoD researchers need to conduct more solid studies in relation to this aspect.” He also sent a special message to the governmental sector: “The UoD should be given an opportunity to show a leading role in the projects and plans implemented by the Duhok Governorate.”  

Preceding the four panels of the workshop, a seminar titled “The Reflection of New Liberal Urbanization on the Arabic World” was presented by Dr. Hassan Almoaylihi, a specialist in the Technical University of Berlin. In the seminar, a number of issues were discussed including the development of buildings in the world, urban planning, and the impact on the Arab countries.  

In the different panels, a discussion was conducted about city designing and the aesthetic qualities, the code and techniques of evaluating designs, the designation and organization of traffic and parks, and the required utilities including water and sewage and electricity.