Academic Staff

                                        Oda Ablahad Younus Qasyounan
Oda Ablahad Younus Qasyounan None
Retired Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering - Power Systems Engineering
    • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering / Power Engineering/ High Voltage Engineering University of Technology, 1979, Baghdad, IRAQ.
    • Postgraduate Diploma. Electrical Engineering / Power Engineering University of Technology, 1977, Baghdad, IRAQ.
    • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Technology 1976, Baghdad, IRAQ.
  • Journal Articles

    1. Electrical characteristics of soil under high field stress, AMSE Press vol 26, no 2 . pp 1-8, 1991.
    2. 1st international power technology conference ,CHICAGO , OCT 31 , NOV 2, 1989
    3. External conductor cooled  cable system for underground transmission
    4. Reactive power compensation using microprocessor, Second Libyan Arab international conference, 20-23 March, 1989.
    5. Effect of in organic additives in the extruded insulation of high voltage cables, Sixth international symposium on high voltage Engg.USA 28 Sept. 1989.
    6. Microprocessor control governor, E.E.C.P.S.S. Capri-Italy, 1989.
    7. Modified excitation system control using microprocessor, AMSE Press Vol 24, No 1 , p 17-22 , 1989.
    8. A contribution to search break down of a rod air gap with insulating barriers (barrier parallel to the electrode axis), Second Iraqi conference, ICE 1988.
    9. Barriers effect in a sharply non-uniform field gap, IE(1)Journal_ET Vol 68 NOV 1987.
    10. Automatic multi-stage high voltage impulse generator,1st symposium in Power Systems, Saudi Arabia, 1984.

    Edited Books

    • Lightning الصواعق , University of Mosul, 2004
    • Electrical Engineering Techniques تقنيات الهندسة الكهربائية , University of Mosul,1991.

    Translated Books To Arabic Language

    • Power System Analysis تحليل نظم القدرة by Charles and Gross, University of Mosul 1984.
    • High Voltage Engineering هندسة الضغط العاليby Kuffel and Abdullah, University of Mosul, 1982.


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