Academic Staff

                                        Nihad Titan Sarhan
Nihad Titan Sarhan Mathematic Department
Assistant Lecturer
Graph Theory
    • 2016 MSc, Graph Theory, University of Zakho, Iraq
    • 2012 BSc, Mathematics, Univeristy of Duhok, Iraq
  • . Zuzan Naaman Hassan, Nihad Titan Sarhan (2020), The energy of conjugacy classes graphs of some order of alternating group; Journal of Raparin University.

    . Faraj M. Omar, Mohammed I, Sadeeq, Nihad T. Sarhan, (2023), Solving Model od Reaction-Diffusion System in Ecological by Symmetry Lie Group Methods, Wasit Journal for pure Science.

  • Some of the research interests about graph theory such as, Spectral Graph theory, combinatorial graph theory and polynomials

  • I have been Teaching some subject for undergraduate students such as( Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equation, Mathematical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Special Functions and Graph Theory.

  •   00946 750 490 66 72

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