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                                        Manhal Khalid Ali
Manhal Khalid Ali None
Motor Learning - Swimming
  • 2005: Bachelor in Physical Education – University of Mosul

    2014: Master’s Degree in Physical Education - Russain State


  • 1-أثر برنامج تعلیمی باستخدام الوسائط التعلیمیة المتعددة فی تعلم السباحة الحرة بعمر (11-10سنة)

    2-تأثیر استخدام التغذیة الراجعة الفیدیویة فی التعلم والاحتفاظ بالسباحة الحرة

  • 16 Years

  • 1987: Swimming Provenance champion

    1999: Candidate for the world swimming championship (Butterfly) 50m

    2003: First in 50m freestyle

    2004: First in 50m freestyle, Iraq Republic Championship

    2006: First in 50m butterfly, Country Clubs Championship

    2008: First in 50m freestyle / 50m butterfly, Iraq Republic Championship

    2009: First in 50m freestyle / 50m butterfly, Provincial Championship

    2012: Honor guest at world swimming championships – Moscow

    2013: Attended Russian and former Soviet Union countries

    9 Years: Physical Education champion in Iraq

    4 Years: Champion of all universities in Iraq

    WaraSpora TV channel: Analyst of scientific methods for training for Asian clubs championships, Iraqi Team, and the European rounds.

    Football – Membership and participation in many famous local clubs in Iraq, Jordan (2005), Syria (2006-2007)and Lebanon (2009)

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