Academic Staff

                                        Firas Abdulkareem Kalaf
Firas Abdulkareem Kalaf Teaching staff
Anesthesia and ICU Specialist
  • Fellow of Iraqi Board of Medical Specialty- Anesthesia and ICU

  • Anesthesia and ICU

  • Teaching duties
    1. Clinical Pharmacology leader module of the 3rd year students integrated system( lectures plus Teaching small group of the module)
    2. Teaching 5th year students Perioperative Module integrated system ( I give lectures and clinical training sessions in anesthesia and ICU practice)
    3. Teaching 4th year students cardio vascular module integrated system ( Clinical Training sessions in monitoring patients in intestine care unit, Ventilator in ICU, Oxygen therapy)
    4. Quality assurance coordinator of the surgical department.
    5. Teaching and training board students for Duhok anesthesia board Centre 1st, 2nd ,3rd and 4th years ( I train postgraduate students in the operation theatre )
    6. Giving lectures for 1st and 2nd years postgraduate raqi anesthesia Board students and Kurdistan ICU Board students.
    7. Run and organize the weekly briefing of the clinical pharmacology module ( I organize a meeting for all lectures of the module to discuss the next week lectures and small groups tasks).

  • * 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year postgraduate Iraqi anesthesia board students
    * 1st and 2nd year postgraduate Kurdish intensive care board student

  • 6th to 7th October 2008 Anesthesia Training Course
    15th to 16th December 2009 Triage & Mass Casualty
    19th to 21st January 2010 BASIC (Basic Assessment & Support in ICU)
    13th to 15th February 2010 Essential Emergency Medicine Procedures
    24th October to 4th
    November 2010 Emergency Medicine Training Course – ALS & ACLS
    July 2010 Methods of Teaching
    28th to 29th October 2011 III Mesopotamian Health Day Congress
    19th to 20th September 2012 2nd Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Medical
    1st to 28th of February 2013 Observer at the ICU of FRANKSTON HOSPITAL, Melbourne, Australia.
    1st of October to 24th of
    December 2014 Observer at the ICU of FRANKSTON HOSPITAL, Melbourne, Australia.
    5th of December 2015 ARC Advanced Life Support Level 1: ILS
    Certificate, Australian Resuscitation Council
    5th of March 2016 ECG Workshop, RACGP
    13th of March 2016 I/V Cannulation Workshop, RACGP
    12th to 13th of August 2016 Introductory Ultrasound for Anesthetists
    19th of November 2016 Pain Management Workshop
    4th & 5th of August 2017 Integrated System of Medical Education/Duhok University
    6th of September 2018 Day of Surgery 2 in Duhok
    6th & 7th of October 2018 International Conference on Medical education
    24th & 26th of April 2019 the First International Conference of the Iraqi Kurdistan Society of Anesthesiologists
    26th of September 2019 Day Surgery 3 in Duhok
    16th & 17th of September 2020 Moodle E-Learning intermediate level
    13th of April 2021 Learning and Teaching for teachers Workshop (KuMA UK)
    8th Of June 2021 Assessment in medical education – part 1
    18th of June 2021 Phase II integrated System
    14th of October 2021 Day of Surgery 4in Duhok
    6th of January 2022 Accreditation of Medical colleges workshop
    11th of March 2022 Essential Pearls in U/S Guided Regional Anesthesia. Erbil
    11th of April 2022 EMQ Question online workshop

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