Academic Staff

                                        Bareen Najeb Mohammed
Bareen Najeb Mohammed Teaching staff
Assistant lecturer
D.M.R.D in Radiology and Medical Imaging
  • 2019 D.M.R.D in Radiology and Medical Imaging, University of Duhok, Iraq

  • Ultrasonic Assessment of The First Trimester Vaginal Bleeding in Duhok City.

  • The main interests are in fields of medical imaging of patients with gynecological and obstetrical problems, neurological imaging and doppler studies and prevalence of some diseases and there imaging findings in Duhok province.

  • My teaching experiences:
    1-Theoretical lectures for medical students in field of radiology.
    2-Practical sessions for medical students at the hospital and radiology departments.
    3-Practical lectures and sessions at the college of medicine.

  • Conferences
    1- Dietary recommendation in Rheumatoid arthritis and Vitamin D replacement 12-1-2023
    2- International day of Radiology 2-12-2022
    Workshop and seminar activities:
    1- Acino role in surgical antibiotic prophylaxis 2-6-2022
    2- Duhok musculoskeletal symposium 22-9-2022
    3- Growth failure in children 8-12-2022
    4- Medical and surgical scientific Day 28-7-2022
    5- Monkey pox virus and asthma in children 9-6-2022
    6- Painful anal conditions 10-11-2022
    7- Silicon sheet for scar 24-11-2022
    8- Welcome to Danone symposium 2 25-7-2022
    9- Duties of tutors of the 5th stage college of medicine in PPDP unit 5-10-2022
    10- Follow up of ppdp tutors work of 5th stage 8-3-2023 in ppdp unit
    11- Tutors jobs description for 5th stage tutors in PPDP unit hall at 16-11-2022
    12- Constipation workshop 11-8-2022
    13- Fetal echo, S-fetus advance , tip and trick on 4D 17-2-2023
    14- Interactive obstetric doppler 20-1-2023
    15- large group teaching 2-2-2023
    16- Venous doppler study of upper and lower limbs 12-8-2022

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