Academic Staff

                                        Ashur Yohanna Izac Oraha
Ashur Yohanna Izac Oraha Teaching staff
Assistant Prof.
Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery
  • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, The Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2005, Baghdad, Iraq.

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  • Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery

  • My teaching experience started since 2006 in Duhok University / College of medicine as lecturer then as assistant professor since 2016, for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th stage students in college of medicine that include Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular system anatomy, physiology, diseases, and mainly the surgical approach for treatment of thoracic and cardiovascular diseases. In addition teaching post graduate candidate in the Iraqi and Kurdistan board for medical specializations.

  • Supervisor and trainer for Iraqi and Kurdistan board for medical specializations

  • 1. The 5th meeting of Al-Bassel Heart society (BHS), 2-5 December 2006, Damascus – Syria.
    2. Thoracic surgery and Hepato Billiary and pancreatic surgery course sulaimany 18th-20th June, 2008
    3. The 6th meeting of Al-Bassel Heart society (BHS), 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2008, Damascus – Syria. ( active participation ).
    4. 1st scientific conference of Kufa University, college of medicine for cardiothoracic diseases and surgery , 5th – 6th of March 2009. ( active participation ).
    5. The Directorate General of Health – Dohuk in Collaboration with Medicine Sans Frontieres Organization , Training course on (Triage & Mass Casualty), 5th – 16th Dec, 2009, Participation as a Trainer.
    6. Essential Emergency Medicine Procedures Course, 13th -15th Feb. 2010, Azadi Teaching Hospital, Dohuk. Participation as Trainer.
    7. Training course in methods of teaching, university of Duhok, Trainig and Development Center , July 2010.
    8. Leipzig – Berlin workshop and meeting of German- Iraqi cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon. 2nd – 7th Sep, 2010.
    9. 12th Annual Conference of Pediatric cardiac Society of India, Kokilabien Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, 8th – 10th Oct. 2010.
    10. Active participation in continuing medical education department activity of directorate general of health-Duhok, April 7th , 2011.
    11. Conference (Four years experience In Revascularization in Sulaemany Centre for Heart Disease). January 6th , 7th 2011; Sulaimany.
    12. Training Course in Liepzige cardiac centre ( 2 weeks ) on cardiac surgery. Jun 2011
    13. Mesopotamian Health days Congress 28-29 / Oct. / 2011
    14. Workshop 4 days Flexible Bronchoscope , Pentax Company , Hamburg , Germany. Dec. 2011
    15. Training course , Mediastinoscope, Thoracoscope, ( 8 days ), All India Institutes for Medical Sciences, New Delhi , India. Dec. 2011.
    16. Workshop , LAZER application in Varicose Vein (3) days, Izmir , Turkey. Feb. 2012.
    17. Conference ( sulaimania heart center) 15-16 / 11 / 2012 .
    18. 4th Structural Heart Option & outcomes Meeting, mitral valve repair. Feb. 28th – March 1st , 2013. Dubai.

    20. 27th European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Annual Meeting 5-9 October 2013,Vienna,Austria.

    21. Visit to the Clinic of cardiac surgery in Leipzig heart center for cardiac surgery, 8th April -19th April 2014.

    22. Oncology meeting offered by Acibadam University and Acibadam healthcare group in Istanbul, Turkey on 28th & 29th days of November, 2014.

    23. The Crestor 40 and Jupiter Launch Event. Beirut-Lebanon, 7th – 8th May / 2015.

    24. ESC Highlights , Jordan , Amman. 1-2 October 2015.

    25. The 2nd International Conference of Kurdistan Cardiothoracic Society , 31 march-2 April 2016. (speaker).
    26. 9th annual conference in chest medicine, Oman/ Muscat. 22-23 April 2016.
    27. Surgical day. University of Duhok / college of medicine / department of surgery. 15th /December 2016.

    28. The first Iraqi respiratory summit 2017 Baghdad 27 January 2017.
    29. The 5th International Conference Of Iraqi Cardio and Thoracic Society. Baghdad , Iraq. 8-10 March 2017.

    30. Visit to the Clinic of cardiac surgery in Leipzig heart center for cardiac surgery, 20th March -25th April 2017.

    31. Compact sclerotherapy course, Saturday 20th May 2017 (10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.), in collaboration with the German Society of Phlebology and the sclerotherapy working group of the German Society of Phlebology. Munich / Germany.

    32. Updates on Aortic, Peripheral & Venous interventions, 16th of September 2017 Erbil.

    33. Vascular Intervention 29.9.2018, Erbil. Medtronic Company / Dr. Seziph Hadad.

    34. The 1st international conference on medical education 6-7th October 2018. College of Medicine Duhok University.

    35. Workshop, introduction to Interventional radiology 3ed international conference college of Medicine Hawler Medical university, Hawler Private Hospital, 13th – December 2018

    36. Annual Oncology Symposium, Azadi Lecture Hall, 29.11.2018.

    37. 9th International Conference of the Royal Medical Services, Jordan, 30 October- 2 Nov 2018 Jordan Health Exhibition.

    38. Trainer in Compact training course and workshop, Varicose Veins Laser ablation, VIN Private Hospital, 21.6.2018.

    39. Symposium on carotid artery disease and intervention (carotid artery end arterectomy), CAD general directorate of health, Azadi teaching hospital, 10.1.2019.

    40. 11th Annual Congress of the Lebanese Society for vascular surgery, Lebanese Society for vascular surgery, 29-30 March 2019.

    41. Seminar, Setting an examination blueprint & examination length, Duhok university, Azadi Hospital, CAD of surgical department,18.4.2019.

    42. Educational event, MICS AVR course Asklepios Hospital Harburg, 29-30 April 2019.

    43. London core review, SCTS (society of cardiothoracic surgery) Royall college of physicians, 9th – 12th May 2019.
    44. Workshop, British association of sclerotherapy, London, Eton Rowing College Centre, 14th may 2019.
    45. Seminar overview on venous insufficiency and role of daflon in the management, by Dr. Ashur Yohanna Izac Oraha 4th July 2019.
    46. Scientific promotion committee member 1st August 2019,
    47. MICS AVR & Mitral Repair Workshop By Dr.Paulo Neves, Abbott Education network cardiovascular, Erbil, Iraq, 21- 22th August 2019.
    48. Optimizing the therapy of atrial fibrillation, ICAP (Iraqi cholesterol awareness program), world heart day. 9th September 2019.
    49. Hypertension treatment guidelines, ICAP (Iraqi cholesterol awareness program), world heart day. 9th September 2019.
    50. Consistent 24 hours flow of Beta blockers, ICAP (Iraqi cholesterol awareness program), world heart day. 9th September 2019.
    51. Management of CVA, Symposium Carotid artery stenosis. 14th October 2019.
    52. Carotid Endarterectomy, Symposium Carotid artery stenosis. 14th October 2019.
    53. Carotid artery stenting, Symposium Carotid artery stenosis. 14th October 2019.
    54. Crestor role in hyperlipidemia. Symposium Carotid artery stenosis. 14th October 2019.
    55. Seminar professional values and behaviors should cover professional and ethical responsibilities, legal responsibilities, patient safety and quality improvement. 24th October 2019.
    56. Scientific promotion committee member 7th November 2019.
    57. 1st international scientific conference of surgical specialty hospital, Erbil cardiac center, 27-29th November 2019.
    58. Research assessment committee member, 5th February 2020.
    59. Seminar, Management of heart failure and angina. 19th February 2020.
    60. Scientific promotion committee 20th February 2020.
    61. Watched 70-minute Vein Masterclass Webinar #5 “Optimising the Patient Journey” on 30th March 2021. BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF SCLEROTHERAPIST.
    62. Seminar, surgical thromboprophylaxis.11th march 2021
    63. Webinar, United Iraqi Medical Association UK and Ireland (UIMA)medical education program, essential in research, literature, review and successful publication. 12th march 2021.
    64. Seminar, optimization of treatment of heart failure; update keys, 27th march 2021.
    65. Seminar, redefining the standard of care in acute coronary syndrome. 27th march 2021.
    66. Seminar, Ticagrelor in acute coronary syndrome, guidelines review. 16th June 2021.
    67. Seminar, the multiple faces of angina, 17th June 2021.
    68. Seminar, simply your best partner to treat your hypertensive patient, 17th June 2021.
    69. Webinar, Innovation shaping surgical valve therapies, Iranian society of cardiac surgeons. 2nd July 2021.
    70. Seminar, prosthetic heart valves: A surgeon prospective (By: D. Ashur Yohanna Izac Oraha). 3rd July 2021.
    71. Seminar, venous insufficiency. 18th August 2021.
    72. Seminar, Excel your practice. 2nd September 2021.
    73. Pharma International Cardiovascular & Diabetes Forum. 23 - 27th September 2021.
    74. Day of surgery, Duhok. 14th October 2021.
    75. 1st International Kurdistan Cardiology Conference, 27-29th October 2021.
    76. University of Al-Ameed 2nd International Conference on medical sciences. 17- 18th November 2021.
    77. Duhok University College of Medicine. Department of Medical college Workshop. 6th January 2022.
    78. Al Rabeah fourth cardiology conference. 2nd – 4th March 2022.
    79. Practice 360 a CME, focus on cardiometabolic, pulmonary and urology disease. 15th February 2022.
    80. Seminar, efficacy and safety of Iressa (Gefitinib) in the management of non-small cell carcinoma. 31st March 2022.
    81. The 6th Annual Scientific Conference of Iraqi Cardio-Society. 11-13th May 2022.
    82. 8th Nutrinations summit by Abbott Nutrition, Enhancing Nutritional Awareness Amongst the Community, 15-16th May 2022. Lahore Pakistan.
    83. Symposium, Pulmonology consultation before surgery. 20th August2022.
    84. Symposium, Case presentation. 20th August2022.
    85. Symposium, Advance Lung Cancer, Biopsy or no Biopsy? 20th August2022.
    86. Symposium, Image guided Biopsy. 20th August2022.
    87. Symposium, Molecular pathology in NSCLC. 20th August2022.
    88. The 5th international Iraqi respiratory conference, 27-28th April 2023.

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