English Language - IELTS Preparation Courses
Aug. 30, 2017, 3:08 p.m.

IELTS Preparation Course

This course is taught by highly qualified English language and IELTS specialists. The course focuses on equipping and preparing the participants on the four skill components of the IELTS test (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking), and uses videos, test samples, and quizzes to give a greater understanding of the test format and helps to get the best IELTS score. The duration of the course is six (6) weeks, that is equivalent to 72 teaching hours. The lectures are scheduled for three (3) days per week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday). Each lecture is taught for four (4) hours, as the total of teaching hours becomes twelve (12) hours per week.

Chronological list of IELTS Preparation Courses conducted since (September 2016-September 2017)

# Course Title Dates of Implementation        # of Participants
1 IELTS Preparation Course                               20/09/2016-10/11/2016 6
2 IELTS Preparation Course                               17/01/2017-28/02/2017 18
3 IELTS Preparation Course/Akre                   1/02/2017-19/03/2017 17
4 IELTS Preparation Course                               5/03/2017- 4/05/2017 19
5 IELTS Preparation Course                               21/05/2017- 20/06/2017 11