SPARK program
مايو 31, 2018, 9:16 م

Higher education for Syrian refugees project (HES)

SPARK is responding to the higher education crisis for Syrian refugees and vulnerable youth residing in TSPARK established its presence in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) in 2014. In KR-I, SPARK develops the capacity of local higher education institutions, improves Syrian refugees’ access to higher education amid the Syrian refugee crisis, with the aim of enabling them to engage in Syria’s post-conflict reconstruction. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq/KRG. 
SPARK offers three solutions; scholarship packages for more than 270 students, language & vocational training, and advocacy. Our scholarship packages allow vulnerable young people, primarily Syrian refugees, to access higher education in the region. By partnering with local universities, we ensure that successful applicants are automatically offered a place at an institution, without having to further apply. The packages also offer student services, including a psychosocial support; economic empowerment courses; and leadership development. In addition to these activities, smaller-scale vocational and language courses are provided. Finally, SPARK encourages hosting governments to introduce better regulations for integrating refugees into the educational system.