Postgraduate Studies

Apply for Postgraduate Studies
May 4, 2017, 4:15 p.m.

Current Program (Summer Semester 2016-2017)


The current program is the Summer round of 2016-2017 which is scheduled to start at the beginning of July, 2017.

It includes master and doctoral studies in various disciplines. Please review the following sections for more informations.

Study Areas

The doctoral and master study areas are listed in the following document.

(The file is available in Kurdish only) Postgraduate Programs (Summer 2016-2017)

Application Process

The application process is carried out at the Unit of Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies at the College which offers the degree. Please visit the College with the required documents and fill in an application.

Important Dates

  • Application period: 23-4-2017 to 11-5-2017.
  • Competitive entrance exam for Master programmes will be on 21-5-2017 and for Doctoral programmes will be on 22-5-2017.
  • Programs are scheduled to start at the begenning of July, 2017. 

Entrance Exam

An entrance exam is necessary for master and doctoral degrees. The exam includes topics related to the chosen degree and is usually carried out at the College offering the degree. See the Important Dates section for the date of the exam.

Please contact the related College for the topics included in the exam.

Tuition Fees for Parallel Studies

The tuition fees for Master and Doctoral programs are 6,000,000 six million Iraqi Dinars for per study year.