May 29, 2019, 1:58 p.m.

Institutional Research Center (IRC)

Institutional research is a broad category of work done at the Universities to inform

Campus  decision-making and planning in area such as admissions ,financial aid curriculum , enrolment  management , staffing, student Life , finance ,  facilities, athletics , and alumni relations.

Institutional research collect , analyze ,report , and warehouse  quantitative and qualitative data about their institutions student , faculty  , staff , curriculum , course offering , and learning outcomes . They are involved in collecting and reporting information to relevant clients.



Institutional Research Center (IRC) provides quality information and services that foster and support effective and informed decision –making by the various governing bodies, offices, planners and administrators of the University.

IRC supports the operational efficiency and accountability components of Duhok University.


1-      Represent an impartial perspective which addresses issues with discretion and thoroughness.

2-      Provide the highest quality analyses, reports and presentations that are recognized for their clarity and usefulness, and are tailored to each client.

3-       Serve as reliable source of authoritative information about the University.

4-      Model professional and ethical practices for the management and use of institutional information and in the conduct of research.

5-      Provide a friendly, supportive, and collaborative environment for clients and staff.

6-       Develop a professional, Knowledgeable and competent  team.        



                                                                                             Vice Director

Administration & Finance Unit

Evaluation and Measurement Unit

Follow –up & Statistical Unit

Performance Evaluation Unit



1-Collecting, Analyzing and an updating Data.


2-Continually researching the Performance work of all the Universities structures.


3-Provide and presenting Data that related to the Universities Plan












1-Evaluating the Performance work of the Academic Staff.


2-Receive and Analysis the Students Vision.


3-Bridging the gap between the University and Community.


4-Prepare Professional Models according to the ethical rules for Development   




1-Continuously collecting, analysis, and updating Data.


2-Continuously researching the work of all the Universities Structure.


3-Provide and presenting Data that related to the Universities Plans.




1-Evaluating the 

Performance work of College and Scientific Department and different Unit.


2-Partcepating in the Processes of making decision