Third Activity of the Visitation of Potsdam University
Oct. 2, 2021, 9:39 p.m.

On Monday, 20/9/2021, Center for Genocide Studies-UoD and Bisikci Center for Humanity Studies arranged an event at Cultural Social Center, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Salih the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs-UoD, Professors and Students from Potsdam University-Germany, Shekh Shamo the Representative of KRG Prime Minister, and MP Viyan Dakhil, Priest Emad Garges and the researchers, lecturers and students of UoD. After the opening ceremony by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Salif and Prof. Dr. Johann Hafner, a panel was moderated by Mr. Izzeldin Nasso which was joined by Father Dr. Imad Gerges and Prof. Dr. Johann Hafner to discuss (Social Coexistence) and answer the questions of the participants. And then, the german version of (Ferman 74) was presented by the author Dawud Khatari, the translator Shawqi Issa, Dr. Salim Jasim and Dr. Setfan Gatzhammer. And finally, they joined for lunch the President of UoD Assist. Prof. Dr. Dawood Sulaiman and UoD Council.