The Third International Scientific Conference (Genocide in the memory of Peoples)
April 5, 2022, 1:48 p.m.

Center for Genocide Studies and Besikci Center for Humanity Studies at University of Duhok in cooperation with Kurdology Center at University of Sulaiman٫ Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Researches, Center for Crimes of Anfal and Genocide at University of Charmo and International Yazidis Foundation for the Prevention of Genocide helt it's Third International Scientific Conference under the title of (Genocide in the Memory of Peoples).

The conference was held on march 30_31,  2022 in the hall of conferences at University of Duhok. The first part of this scientific conference commenced with the speech of each Dr. Ali Tatar the Governor of duhok province and  he focused on the role of kurdistan universities and  academic institutions and said: " we haven`t done enough, we need to do more and related scientific institutions must have their main role". On the behalf of the kurdistan regional government, Dr. also showed their supports  for these academic institutions  and everyone who can conduct productive works on the the important subject of genocide. Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi the president of the University of Duhok, after approving Dr. Ali Tatar's claim, revealed his optimistic view on doing such scientific researches in the near future and proclaimed that doing so,  gives us not only a scientific study of the causes and implications of genocide, but also can help us to take neccessary precoutions not to allow such unprecedented catastrophies happen in that unprecedented scale again. The foregoing conference composed of eleven pannels in which about fifty scientific researches were presented by experts, intelectuals and academic researchers  that from different countries in various fields participated. each panel lasted with questions from audiences and answers from presentors. In the final part of the conference precious recommendations were exchanded and with the distribution of appreciation certificates, the conference came to an end.