Book The Yazidi Genocide in Iraq 2014
Aug. 8, 2021, 2:16 a.m.

A new publication from the Center for Genocide Studies-University of Duhok, on the seventh anniversary of the Yazidi genocide. The book is entitled (The Yazidi Genocide in Iraq 2014) studies and researches.

The book was written by a group of academic researchers at University of Duhok:

Dr. Saeed Khodaida Alo

Dr. Majid Hassan Ali

Khidher Klo Domle

Shivan Bibo Darwish

Iyad Ajaj Vian

Arshad Hamad Maho

The book contains 262 pages. All the research papers in the book on the Yazidi tragedy of August 2014 and they were written with documents and discussions by the people concerned and documented scientific data.

Dr. Majid Hassan and Arshad Hamad wrote about the captivity of Yazidi women and their enslavement since the era of the Ottoman Empire 1514- until the 2014 ISIS invasion of Sinjar. While Shivan Bibo wrote a set of documents related to the genocide. Dr. Saeed Khodaida showed how the mass killing took place in the village of Kocho. Iyad Ajaj mentioned the educational and cultural impact of the ISIS invasion on the city of Sinjar and the position of the Yazidi woman in the struggle against ISIS. Khider Domle wrote about his future vision.