Story-Sharing Event
April 10, 2023, 11:46 a.m.

On the February 2, 2023, a Stories-Sharing Event was held at the Badlisi Hall, located within the UoD College of Humanities. Thirty-one participants and trainers were attended this event, who unreservedly expressed how the AVP trainings transformed them and the environment around them. During the event, the attendees were captivated by the recital of five participants' poignant narratives, which highlighted how their engagement enabled them to proficiently navigate and regulate their anger, exhibit greater openness towards diverse perspectives, and to be more cognizant of their inner peace, and above all, to be more accepting of people with diverse backgrounds. It is worth noting that this convivial gathering was the last activity of the "Reducing Violence through Learning and Training" project, which was in partnership with the AVP-Duhok Team and funded by MCC.