Discussion of a PhD dissertation
Aug. 31, 2023, 10:53 p.m.

Today 31/08/2023, The PhD dissertation of student: Tarik Abdulqader Abdal has successfully been discussed in the College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Duhok.

Title of the dissertation:

(The role of Oxidative Stress of Gallstone disease and Osteopontin Expression)

Examination committee:

1- Prof. Dr. Saeeb Younis Abdulrahman.....Chairman

2- Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Bashir Mahmoud.….Member

3 - Assist. Prof. Dr. Omer Hassan Aziz..…Member

4- Assist. Prof. Salam Haji Ibrahim ......Member

5- Assist. Prof. Dr. Abas Borhan Qadir....Member

6-Prof. Dr. Raeed Salim Mohammed .....Member and Supervisor.