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                                        Melen Mansour Markus
Melen Mansour Markus Teaching staff
Assistant Lecturer
Animal physiology/ Cell physiology
  • Master in Animal Physiology

    1. Mekail, A., Mansour, M. Inhibatory effect of deltamethrin and glyphosate on the activity of Na+-K+-ATPase and Ca+2-Mg+2- ATPase in rats. Journal of Dohuk University.2005; 8(2). Pp.159-167.
    2. Abdal TA et al. Effects of aloe vera extracted on liver and kidney function changes induced by hydrogen peroxide in rats. Int J Res Med Sci. 2020; Jan;8 (1):102-108.

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  • Animal Physiology, Biochemistry.

  • 3/2005 till now.  Teaching the second grade student in college of veterinary medicine both theory and practical of physiology 

  • 1 under-graduated student 


    1. Training Course on Biotechnology Techniques from 18-22 September 2004, College of Science, University of Dohuk.
    2. Improvement of integrated control measures for infectious distribution of molecular diagnostic tools, training and capacity building in Iraq, a summer school from 18-27 January 2006, Research Center Borstel, Germany.
    3. The use of ADinstruments Data Acquisition Systems in Teaching and Research, workshop from 26-27 October 2011, University of Zakho.
    4. Participation in the 1st International Veterinary Conference in Kurdistan, from 14-15 May 2014, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Duhok.   

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