College of City and Regional Planning

The kick-off meeting for DAAD Program Ta’ziz Network (2023-2025): Power Relations in Urban Governance: Participation in Public Space (PR-GPS)
July 13, 2023, 3:46 p.m.

DAAD Program Ta’ziz Network (2023-2025) Focuses on Power Relations in Urban Governance: Enhancing Participation in Public Space (PR-GPS)

The kick-off meeting for a recently funded project, supported by the Ta’ziz Partnership Network and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), took place on July 10th. The project involves partnerships between various countries and stakeholders, aiming to explore the dynamics of power relations within urban governance, with a particular emphasis on enhancing participation in public spaces.

Representing the University of Duhok, Dr. Layla Raswol, Dean of the College of City and Regional Planning, along with the Deputy Head of the Municipality of Duhok, participated as representatives from the Kurdistan region. The project is set to span three years, during which the primary objective will be:

To establish effective strategies for knowledge transfer between partner higher education institutions and non-university partners. This includes raising awareness about the importance of managing cooperation and partnerships between academic and non-academic entities in each partner country. Furthermore, the project aims to highlight the role of participation as a valuable tool in achieving shared goals in urban development and city shaping.