Academic Staff

                                        Qaisar Mustafa Ismael
Qaisar Mustafa Ismael None
Assistant Lecturer
Physical training and sports \ Basketball
  • 2014 - 2015 BSc in Physical Education, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Iraq.
    2020 - 2021 MSc in Physical training and sports, Tokat Gaziosmanpasha University, Turkey.

  • Basketball, Training science, Biomechanics

  • Teaching Basketball, Mine and explosives risk education.

  • -Participation in the training course organized by the Iraqi Basketball Association
    In Duhok Governorate for the period from 9/25-29/2022.

    -Participation from the Iraqi Basketball Association in the (organization, training and arbitration 3 * 3) course No. (3) online, which was organized by the Arab Basketball Federation during the period from January 19 to 20, 2023 AD

    -Participation in the Training of Trainers (TOT) course organized by the A-l Aragah Foundation for Culture and Development, the General Union of Iraqi Trainers, at a rate of (25) training hours for the period from 04/06/2022 - 09/06/2022 and passed the evaluation successfully.

    -Participation in the scout camp as a supervisor for the first-stage students at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Duhok

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