About us
Aug. 19, 2016, 1:11 p.m.
Degree Certification

The college offers a 4 year Bachelors degree in Physical education.


The College of physical Education was established in 2005.  It was formerly a sub-department in the College of Education. Aside from the academic study, the college offers special training courses for teachers as continuous education.


The strategy of the College physical Education:

  1. Keeping up with the scientific and technological upgrading especially in the sport field and education field generally.
  2. The college contribution to provision of the required proficiencies of the postgraduate certificates (Master, Doctorate) in the various sporting specialties.

The objectives

The College of Physical Education has philosophical visions to deepen the modern belief about a career in Physical Education amongst societal sectors and spread its rightful concepts for practicing them. It also aims to develop a plan to change the physical, emotional, social, and practical means of attaining the best physical fitness. 

The College concentrates on dealing with science related to the physical field and activates the academic and educational connection through technology and communication

The acquired experiences

The students have acquired experience and knowledge  in the various areas of specialization . They receive practical skills  through training in the regional establishmnet in addition the experience of writing their researches projects.

What distinguishes the college?

The college can be distinguished from the other colleges by its variety of specializations which might be considered the base for any development of the country .

The college is also open to  other specializations and participates in strategic planning. It is characterized by having a local cadre and distinguished athletic facilities in addition to the scientific aspect in the lessons.


The College of Physical Education annually organizes championships for minimized football, basketball handball and volleyball for the college students. The college also annually organizes a marathon and swimming championship on February 2nd. Every year on May 3rd, the day on which the school was founded, the School's annual festival commences which includes organizing a camp (tent encampment) for the first year students.

In the camp, sporting events such as gymnastics, dueling, wrestling and karate are held in the morning shift. Where as, in the evening shift, the field championship for the students at all stages are held. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that all the referees are students from their own schools and the aim behind this is to teach students how to manage and run the matches.