Academic Staff

                                        Svala hameed mahmood
Svala hameed mahmood None
Assistant Lecturer
  • Master degree in microbiology

  • Microbiology,molecular microbiology,biotechnology

  • I worked as a biology teacher for 8 years in ministry of education in matina high school, Duhok international school and layla kaseam high school, I worked as lecturer assistant in college of basic education in duhok(2019,2020),practical general microbiology stage 2,I placed as lecturer assistant in college of science, biology department (2020,2021) practical general microbiology stage 2 in both semester, medical bacteriology stage 4 in first semester and microbial physiology stage 4 in second semester.

  • 14 seminars, 1 conference,1 workshop, pedagogies course.

  •   009647501234567

  • No CV available