Duhoks Second Health Festival held by Kurdistan Pharmacy Students' Association (KPSA)
May 8, 2018, 10:55 p.m.

Under the Auspices of the president of Duhok University (Prof. Dr. Mosleh Duhoky) and with the attendance of the president of the governorate council (Mr. Fahim Abdullah) and the president of Zakho University (Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil), For the second time and with the collaborative efforts of students from (Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing) colleges, Kurdistan Pharmacy Students' Association (KPSA) held Duhoks Second Health Festival.

The festival included 12 different sections. Medical Information and advices were given and awareness was raised regarding a variety of medical topics in addition to many more activities. OTC and cosmetics samples were given out to our lovely people as a courtesy of some of our doctors.

KPSA president and the festival organizers would like to extend their sincerest thanks to:
- Deaneries of the colleges of pharmacy, medicine, dentistry and veterinary.
- Heads of Kurdistan Student Union committees of the colleges of pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary.
- General Directorate of Health in Duhok governorate

Kurdistan Syndicate of Pharmacists/Duhok branch.
- Administration of Azadi Park.
For their commitment to making this festival successful


Eventually, we would like to present our sincere thanks and respects to the Dean of the College of Pharmacy (Associate Professor Dr. Muayad Aghali Merza) and the Vice Dean (Dr. Julian Ismail Benyamen)