About us
March 14, 2024, 2:37 p.m.

University of Duhok-College of Pharmacy:

  • The Goal of College of Pharmacy is to provide high-quality education, to prepare pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists with high standard professional and research skills to be leaders in their specialties and provide the best society health care.


  • Our aim is to offer an academic & accredited teaching program to raise the quality of education to the international standard level.


  • Our objectives focus on the following areas:
  • 1- Preparation of pharmacists as experts to work in health institutions, pharmaceutical and laboratory analysis of disease, drug factories and marketing of medicines.
  • 2- Participation in scientific researches, seminars, workshops and conferences, to link the initial university education with the community needs and global development plans.


  • We Look forward to;
  • Achieve the quality standards to be within the premium and distinguished colleges of pharmacy in Kurdistan, Iraq and the international universities.


  • The college makes great efforts to be distinguished among the colleges of the region and the world.
  • Developing the curriculum and governing the quality and amount of information to be learned and designed to meet the outcome of the graduates appropriate to deal competently with common and important health problems in the community and to be life-long learner.

Preparing the next generation of innovati