College of Engineering

Surveying of Lalish Temple by UAV Survey
Aug. 24, 2021, 12:41 p.m.

Carrying out aerial surveys of Lalish Temple, the holy place of the Yazidis brothers, located in Dohuk Governorate, Sheikhan District, by the staff of the College of Engineering, Survey Department, the University of Dohuk for the purposes of restoring and maintaining the temple. This survey was implemented by assistant Prof.Dr.Farsat Heeto Abdulrahman and Mr. Lhoun Soltan Abdulah

We thank His Holiness Baba Gawish for his generous hospitality and good reception. We also thank Eng. Khairi from the Duhok Governorate Committee and Eng. Sabah from the Duhok Structural Test Laboratory for helping us make this survey a success.