College of Engineering

Basic GNSS and Total Station Training Course
July 3, 2018, 6:17 p.m.

The Learning objectives of this course are as follows

  1. Understand the Satellites Orbit
  2. Understand the different segments of GPS
  3. Understand the basic idea of how GPS provides a location on the earth’s surface.
  4. Be familiar with causes of GPS receiver inaccuracy
  5. Identify methods for improving GPS receiver accuracy
  6. Be familiar with data processing of GPS in static and kinematic mode via offline and online.
  7. Understand the concept of TS for computing distances directly and calculates the coordinates of points in the area of interest
  8. Educate them to apply different methods of TS of survey data in the field
  9. Be familiar with data processing of TS via AutoCAD civil 3D.

The course run by:

Dr. Farsat Heeto Abdulrahman           Course Director (Contact below)

Dr. Sarhat M Adam                             Course Leader

Mr.Sami mamlok Glyana                    Course Management

Mr.Yousif Zia                                      Course co-management

Luhon Sultan                                       Technician


 Number of participants: unlimited

Course Program






Week 01: Theory part

2nd  July 2018

Fundamental of Orbits and Satellites positioning 


Dr. Sarhat M.A.

3rd July 2018

Introduction to Total Station


Dr. Farsat Heeto

4th July 2018

Geodesy, Projection and Coordinate systems


Dr. Farsat Heeto

Week 02: Practical part

9th July 2018

Introduction to Leica viva GNSS/GPS and accessories


Dr. Sarhat M.A.

10th July

Experiments of TS in the field


Mr. Sami and Luhon

11th July

Assembling GPS as a base and rover.


Mr. Yousif and Luhon

Week 03:  complementary of Practical part and data processing

16th July 2018

Data collection in GPS via static and  kinematic


 Mr.Sami and Luhon

17th July 2018

Complementary of TS experiments in the field


Mr. Yousif and Luhon

18th July 2018

Using offline and online processing- Static GPS


Dr.sarhat, Luhon

19th July 2018

Using AutoCAD civil 3D- TS data


Dr. Farsat, Luhon


Total of hours

26 hours


Course Team