Projects Ranking
May 20, 2016, 10:50 p.m.

The design projects were evaluated by a special committee formed on the departments level including members from the College of Engineering and guest members from the industry. The evaluation criteria are related to the content, presentation and poster quality. 

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  • 1st Place: Design of Mechanically Stabilized Retaining Walls of Batel Interchange

    By: Kavin Ahmed Waysi, Anfal Islam Saleem, Noora Talb Saeed, RojaAbdolwahd Abdullah

    Supervised by: Dr. Najdat Sabri Abdukhaliq

    Read about the project by clicking here.


    2nd Place: Mapping our Community : Making a Guide Map for the University of Duhok Campus.

    By: Diyar Dashti M.S., Yousif Owenan Yousif, Haval Khairy Simo, Zeena Taha Yousif

    3rd Place: Carwash Waste Water Treatment and Reuse in Duhok City

    By: Raveen Fared Salih, Jivan Iskandar Haji, Lolav obaidullah Havzulla, Ibrahim Muhsin Salih

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  • 1st Place: Creating DEM and Visual 3D View of the Bed of Duhok Reservoir Using Hypack System

    By: Awaz Esmat Ali, Nijen Taha Ahmed, Neeroj Abdulwahid Abdullah, Golav Ahmad Mohamad, Revan Tahir Rajab

    Supervised by: Dr. Farsat Heeto Abdulrahman and Syamand Mohammad Ali

    Read about the project here.

    EDD2016 Awards WRE

    2nd Place: Design of a Rockfill Dam for Gali Bandawa

    By: Bayar Najeeb Hassan, Bilal Hussein Mousa Hussein, Farsat Majid Abdullah Mossa, Sherzad Ramadhan Dakhaz Fathi, Nawzat Shafeeq Othman

    3rd Place: Design of Sanitary Sewer System for a Peshasazie District in Duhok City

    By: Jwan Hussni Muhammed Ali, Khalida Khalo Lazgeen, Lawand Naso masto, Kalina Saleem Sharow, Basman samo Nafkhosh 

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  • 1st Place: Design of A Tourism City on Zawa Mountain

    By: Lubna A.Mohammed, Hejar Safar, Avend S.Hesen, Rami Ismail Jameil

    Supervised by: Hussein Ahmed Yousif

    View the project posters here: 1, 2

    EDD2016 Awards ARCH1

    EDD2016 Awards ARCH

    2nd Place: Child Hospital

    By: Kawkab Naser Hasan 

    3rd Place: Urban Design in Zawa Mountain – Cultural Zone

    By: Hawsang Khudhir Mama, Salih Ismael Salih, Sahand Khalil Ismael

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  • 1st Place: Home Automation System

    By: Hiba Nahedh Estifan, Awad Ismail Jamil, Maryana Awni Oraha, Israa Abdulbaqi Abdulhafedh, Ahmed Mahmoud Abdal

    Supervised by: Dr. Sagvan Ali Salih

    Read about the project here.

    EDD2016 Awards ECE

    2nd Place: Design of a Solar Updraft Tower

    by: Rashid Abdulkarim Rashid, Omar Mohammed Hussain, Alind Shukri Abdi, Bryar Hasan Mohammed Saleem

    3rd Place: Notifying Doorbell with PushingBox

    by: Zhivan Fadhel Ahmed, Payman Abdulkhalq Rashid, Walaa Abdulkader Yaktab

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