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                                        Salih Mustafa Saleem
Salih Mustafa Saleem None
Assistant Professor
Optical Fiber Communication
    • Ph.D in Optical Fiber Communication, University of Mosul, 2003-2007.
    • M.Sc. in Bio-Electrical Engineering, University of Mosul, 1982-1984.
    • P.G. Diploma in Electronic and Communications, University of Mosul, 1981-1982. 
    • B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Sulaimania, 1975-1979.

  • Researche Papers

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    Scientific Books

    1. The Microwaves and Life”.(Published In Arabic), by Salih Mustafa Saleem Atroshey, Encyclopedia of Science (21), Iraq 1985.
    2. Satellites”. (Published in Arabic), by Salih Mustafa Saleem Atroshey, Dar Djjlah, Amman, Jordan, 2007.
    3. Laser, Principles and Applications”. (Published In Arabic), by Salih Mustafa Saleem Atroshey & Reyath wadeeh yousif, Dar Dijlah, Amman,                     Jordan, 2007.
    4. Technologies of Laser and Applications”. (Published In Arabic), by Dr. Yousif Maolod Hasan & Salih Mustafa Saleem Atroshey, Dar Djjlah,                     Amman, Jordan, 2007.
    5. Performance Evaluation of Optical Fiber Loop Buffer”  by salih Atroshey,  LAMBERT, Academic Publishing (LAP), 2012, ( Ph.D. Thesis).
    6. Physiological and health benefits of prayer” by Dr. Salih Mustafa Atroshey, Dar Al-Waha Publishing, and the Library of Degla for printing, publishing and distribution, Amman, Jordan, 2019.

  • Optical Fiber Communication, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics

    • MSc. Thesis Titled: “Effect of Microwaves on Living Organism” College of Engineering. University of Mosul. Iraq. 1984
    • PhD. Thesis titled: “Performance Evaluation of Optical Fiber Loop Buffer”. College of Engineering. University of Mosul. Iraq.9 July 2007.

    1. MSc student (Modified Cryptosystems Based on Public-Key Algorithms).
    2. MSc student (Analysis and Optimization Performance of the QOS in GSM/EDGE Networks).
    3. MSc student (An Investigation of the Left Ventricle of Human Heart by Fluid-Dynamics Modelling).
    4. PhD student (Analysis, Optimization and Performance Improvement of Optical Fiber Communication System).
    5. PhD student (Performance Optimization of Wireless Body Area Networks for eHealth Applications).
    6. PhD student (Radio over fiber design issues for emerging wireless access networks)

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    • Member of IEEE Iraqi Group for 2008.
    • Consultant Electrical Engineer, Member of Kurdistan Engineers Union.

  •   +964 750 483 3914

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