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Sept. 26, 2016, 10:27 a.m.
Duhok City, The Tourist City in Kurdistan Region-Iraq

The city lies in the northwest of Iraq and the western part of the Kurdistan region, about 470 km north of Baghdad (Capital of Iraq) and about 130 km north of Erbil (Capital of Kurdistan region), with an elevation of 450-430 meters above sea level, Duhok covers 10715 square km and lies at latitude 36 north and longitude 43 east. Duhok has gained and maintained an identifier as a commercial passage between Iraq, Turkey and Syria and as a gateway for Kurdistan Region. Thus, attribute to its strategic location and natural landscape, it has great economic potential for trade and tourism. Duhok has a rich ancient heritage with historical ruins that date back to 681-705 BC. There are more than 42 archaeological sites, including the Grand Mosque, the old Bazzar. Saint Ithilaha Church, Charstin Shindokha and Hallamat cave. In 2011, Amedy Castle was included on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritages sites,paving the way for it to become the landmark center of kurdish heritage . Duhok is a growing city with numerous tourist attractions and recreational activities. Along with the historical sites mentioned above, shopping and entertainment attractions add to the city's appeal.

Travel to Duhok City

International visitors to Duhok City, usually arrive Erbil by air at Erbil International Airport which is about 200 km from Duhok. Flights to most international airports are provided at Erbil Airport serviced by most international airlines.

Duhok is easily accessible by road from Erbil City (Capital city of Kurdistan Region). Non-expensive taxi system between Duhok and Erbil provides efficient and safe way. There are also rental cars available at the Erbil International Airports. Travelling by car usually takes 2 hours.

Visa Information

According to Kurdistan Regional Government regulations, each person arriving is granted (15) days permission to remain in Kurdistan, if a person wishes to remain longer, he/she should visit the residency office before the (15) days granted on arrival has expired.

Please visit the Erbil International Airport Office on arrival for the necessary paperwork, the purpose of this office is to control arrivals and departures of foreigners to and from the airport.

To stay for a period longer than (15) days, you may require a visa. Please check the list of countries requiring a visa and short term visa requirements.

Citizen of most countries do not need visa to enter Kurdistan Region. In the case of needing visa, you should inform the conference secretariat to facilitate your visa issuing at the Airport. 

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