Academic Staff

                                        Miss. Shukria Hussein Habib
Miss. Shukria Hussein Habib Lecturer
  • D.B.S, M.Sc

  • 1. Shukriya Hussein Habib (2011) The Effect of Microwave Post-Polymerization Treatment on Some Properties of Cold-cured and Visible Light-cured Acrylic Resins Materials. M.Sc thesis. College of Dentistry. Hawler Medical University.



    2. Munther K, Shukria H Habeeb and Abdullqadir M Majeed (2014) REPRODUCIBILITY OF CENTRIC JAW RELATION RECORD FOR EDENTULOUS PATIENTS. Duhok Medical Journal; 8(1):61-67.


    3. Munther K, Abdullqadir M Majeed and Shukria H Habeeb (2015) The effect of storage and curing time on dimensional changesof visible light cured acrylic denture base (VLCADB). IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS); 14(10):24-26.

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